Language trip to South Africa

Language study trip to South Africa – Learn English in Cape Town

Not only since the Football World Cup 2010 is known: South Africa is an exciting destination and has so much to offer – in terms of scenic beauty as well as culture and history. The hospitable people lure every year numerous tourists in the south of Africa. Cape Town is a city of contrasts – in recent years, highways and skyscrapers have transformed Cape Town’s image enormously. Nevertheless, it remains a city full of impressive history. The graceful old buildings, monuments and the remaining stone streets give the visitors of Cape Town a little insight into the historical past of the country.

An often overlooked attraction of the country is also the English language, which is the official language in South Africa. Another plus, for all South African enthusiasts who want to learn English by the way! Even for those who are annoyed by the typical, boring hotel holiday, offering a language trip to Cape Town offers a completely new way of traveling. During this trip to South Africa, students can not only improve their English skills enormously, but also learn a lot about African nature and culture. Students take part in a language school in South Africa specializing in English lessons and learn valuable English language skills as well as learning about South African culture. Whether in the classroom with highly motivated and qualified teachers or in the varied leisure program – there is no boredom! So you have a great, impressive destination and can brush up on the way his English skills.

For written translations into English, we recommend working with a translation agency. Professional translation agencies are z. B. the correct contact for certified translations. These translations are important for applications abroad – be it for a study or internship – correct translations are the basis for a successful application.

Kolumbus Sprachreisen offers language courses in Cape Town. Here, language students in a language school in Cape Town, which specializes in foreign language teaching, can take part in English lessons and refresh and deepen their English language skills. Due to the great location of the language school – it is only 400 meters from the Atlantic Ocean – you can combine the pleasant wonderful with the useful, and go in the afternoon for swimming on the beach.

A language study trip to South Africa is a great way to learn English while exploring the culture, history and landscape of one of the most exciting countries on earth.